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Reasons to track your vehicle


Helps prevent your vehicle from being stolen. Provides automatic immobilization, motion detection, tow alerts, valet parking security, anti-tamper signal and advance recovery features. Also Real-Time tracking with accurate location.


Reduces the risk of accidents by monitoring yours and your love ones driving behavior. See advanced reports with trips analysis, set your own speed limits and safe driving metrics. Get immediate automated calls in case of emergency, share your vehicle's location, and real-time reports.


Monitors and helps you reduce your fuel costs, keeps track of your mileage, fuel efficiency and maintenance. Reduces your insurance cost in most cases, and helps you mantain the value of your vehicle with complete fuel logs, driving, service & maitenance history.


GPS tracking with lots of smart connected services, advanced automation and IoT interoperability.
Available features:

  • Real-Time tracking
  • Turn by Turn reports
  • Customized configurations
  • Share live tracking/location
  • Driving behavior reports
  • Crash detection automated alert
  • Assistance request signal
  • Automated call alerts
  • Geofencing and user restrictions
  • Valet parking security & confinament
  • Fleetomizer: Expense Control
  • Smart connected services interaction
  • Mobile app version

We will provide you and coordinate installation of our intelligent tracking module wich has hundreds of built-in signals. Our smart hub is also capable of interacting with many sensors and accessories that can be connected on the edge. Special configurations and upgrades can be sent to the unit over the air providing you with many optional features.

STEP 1: Install our professional Smart Hub

STEP 2: Choose the features that best adapt to your daily commute

STEP 3: Add triggers & alerts with web service interaction

STEP 4: Schedule advanced reports with driving metrics

Available Mobile Version


Real-Time Tracking with Advanced Reports

Drop Geofence & Valet Parking Confinement

Share Your Ride & location

Multiple Accessories Compatibility

Automation &

Specialized Apps Extensions

Connect to your favorite Smart Services


Locate my vehicle"

Your vehicle is located at 11401 NW 12th Street, Miami, FL 33172 - Dolphin Mall



The Vehicle UBX-Y1T7 has exit the safety geozone. Start safety check procedures immediately.


Automated Triggers

The Vehicle UBX-Y1T7 is approaching home.
Action: Set main entrance light ON.

ADD Automated Emergency Call Integration

Send immediate voice alerts to designated contacts in case of emergency

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